Accounting services

Bookkeeping services:

  • Financial bookkeeping
  • accrual accounting i.e., posting of accrued/deferred income as well as accrued expenses
  • Controlling the accuracy of documentation and posting in accordance with accounting principles and IAS/IFRS
  • Posting of F/X gains/losses
  • Updating and maintenance of the fixed asset register ensuring the general ledger reconciles to the register at each month end
  • Closing of the general ledger accounts on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis in line with timetable of the Client and statutory purposes
  • Reconciling month end/quarter end/year end trial balances to supporting documentation including bank statements, intercompany statements, supplier statements and any other relevant reports
  • Applying accounting manual corporate policies and procedures
  • Preparation of payment order in format for e-banking according to agreed timeframe and procedure (approval and execution of payment by the Client)

Tax compliance services

  • Assistance in tax audit
  • Preparation and submission of tax calculations and reports in accordance with VAT,CIT , PIT Law, Property Tax Law and other relevant tax regulations

Reporting services

  • Preparation of the monthly report in line with the Client’s reporting timetable (delivery of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement)

Statutory compliance services

  • Preparing all monthly, quarterly and annual financial and other reports as required by the Serbian legislation as well as submitting to the State Institutions
  • Ensuring all statutory accounts are prepared and filed by the local statutory deadline and comply with local GAAP and regulations

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