Transfer Pricing

The experts at HLB, with their interdisciplinary know-how on tax, business and markets, will support you in addressing issues relating to transfer pricing to achieve a targeted management of tax risks as well as is harmonisation with your business model market conditions.

Transfer pricing is the number one topic on the agenda of all tax authorities, above all in the CEE area.

Transfer pricing presents a balancing act for companies in which they have to examine their business model, the market in which they are active and the tax framework and risks. Transfer pricing demands therefore a targeted risk management.

Our experts will develop the best solutions for you and can offer:

  • Support in all questions relating to and at every step of your risk management process
  • Functional analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Preparation of general transfer pricing documentation (masterfile)
  • Design of a transfer pricing model
  • Preparation Benchmarking analyses with the Amadeus business database
  • Defence of your transfer prices in tax audits
  • Review of your business model

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