VAT Representive

As specialists in cross-border trade, at HLB Serbia, we can provide you with first-class general VAT representation. From overseeing VAT registration, reporting obligations and filing returns and statements, to more complex support around disagreements and disputes, our expert advisors will be a designated point of contact for all your tax and VAT needs.
With deep expertise and extensive local networks, they will arrange representation in the shortest time possible, and then provide the expert tax advisory support needed to move your goods securely through the Serbia. All the while, they’ll be working proactively to identify and resolve potential issues, while offering a trusted sounding board for your queries and concerns.
It is up to the tax representative to fulfill the company’s reporting obligations by ensuring full legal and administrative compliance with the tax regulations of the country concerned.

Being the link between the company and the foreign tax administrations, it deals in particular with:

  • to register the company for VAT purposes (VAT identification number)
  • respond to requests from tax administrations
  • complete and process all necessary supporting documents
  • to draw up declarations by ensuring compliance with the time limits for filing and payment of VAT
  • to handle VAT refund claims
  • to assist and advise the company in the event of a tax audit

The tax representative helps the company manage constraints related to taxable transactions in Serbia, Europe or internationally. Its liability may be incurred in certain specific cases.

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